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Besides ACTH- and prolactin, stress also increases beta-endorphin release. Orgasms therefore decrease cancer risk. Logically, oxytocin levels in women on oral contraceptives are constantly higher. Humans generally do not live solitary.

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Of course the woman can try having sort of an orgasm by rubbing her clitoris, through riding on top of the man, but that requires deep penetration in a position that does not match the vagina's shape. The need for sex in women fundamentally differs from men. Serotonine makes you happy. The lust for copulation originates from the need to reproduce.

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Men like to have sex with every attractive female they meet. And what is the purpose of this oxytocin release? To obtain a perfect orgasm you need to lie down and relax, to enable orgasmic contraction of as many muscles, instead of muscle contractions enforced by your conscious mind. Of course there also are exceptions; like some men for example can climax by touching the feet of a woman, some women can climax through penetration or nipple stimulation.

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Why do we need orgasm?

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And to many women that is not a surprise, because there is no way women in general can obtain orgasm through being penetrated. Clitoral orgasms do not serve conception, and are not obtained through sexual intercourse. And from this point of view, female orgasmic oxytocin release must serve conception, improving sperm transport. Oxytocin is a multifunctional hormone.

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Need An Orgasm

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Serotonine makes you happy. Effect of the change to amineptine in patients with sexual dysfunction secondary to SSRI.

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