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The experience made me very happy with myself the way that I am. I ripped up the contract and demanded they leave and go back to New York.

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They call it the "double bubble" look -- each breast shaped sort of like the letter B. Shes a non black chick and her main appeal is that Hollywood loves trying to be Urban but does not like black women. Thank God for the wisdom and truth you brought here. Let's start with our own lives as the place to resist this trend.

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Keke just shaved all her hair off. They told me that silicone was illegal until you are at least 21 so I got saline. And at her age insecurity is rampant and even more so when ur being pushed to expand the Kardashian brand. In the former case, there's clearly something very flawed about the thought pattern that says "If I punish my body enough, I will be happy. Acting on this in a public way and flaunting the results before everyone rubs this off on other people; it becomes not only self-hatred but an act that carries disrespect to other women. Why do so many black ppl have an ass-backwards mentality? Kylie is not doing anything different than most white woman I know that have money.

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Keke Palmer slams Kylie Jenner’s boob job; ‘She was the ugly person in the family’: Masturbation Helper

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Nothing wrong with that. I found out that tiny fragments of silicone can be stuck to the capsule tissue. It flew over her head hehe. Somebody gonna split that cabbage one day.

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Ugly Boob Jobs

Ugly Boob Jobs: BBC Anal

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Why do I need to get plastic surgery to feel good about myself??? If she is ugly then she needs face surgery no questions asked!

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