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Anatomy Of Mouth And Gums

The contour of the line formed by the vermilion border of the upper lip. Premolars These teeth have two pointed cusps on their biting surface and are sometimes referred to as bicuspids. Innervation Sensory innervation to the lips, cheeks, gingivae, teeth, hard palate, and floor of the mouth is provided by the trigeminal nerve cranial nerve V , more specifically the maxillary V2 and mandibular V3 divisions of this nerve.

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The floor of the mouth drains via lymphatics that pierce the mylohyoid muscle to reach the submental nodes anteriorly or the submandibular nodes posteriorly. The floor of the mouth consists largely of the tongue. The submucosa contains the larger blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics that supply the lamina propria. Dentin The layer of the tooth under the enamel. The pharynx connects the nasal cavity and mouth to the esophagus and larynx in the neck. Brushing thoroughly twice a day for two minutes and flossing once daily. These arteries anastomose with each other to form an arterial ring.

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The mandibular portion of the maxillary artery gives off the inferior alveolar artery, which enters the mandible and supplies the mandibular teeth, chin, and mylohyoid muscle. Follow us on twitter. On This Page Related Anatomy.

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Anatomy of a Mouth

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The soft palate, located behind the hard palate towards the back of the throat, is the flexible area of the mouth where the gag reflex occurs. These bones are covered with a thin layer of connective tissues and mucous membranes, which form small wrinkles. All lymphatics from the head and neck drain directly or indirectly into the deep cervical lymph nodes.

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Anatomy Of Mouth And Gums

Anatomy Of Mouth And Gums: Black and White

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