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Her hand came out of the opening, pulling along the growing manhood to give it some breathing room, then she began shucking at it a bit faster. Has he really fallen in love with me? Covered with his cum? As they sat down at the dining room table, about to be served by the gal doing the cooking and who's stay had been extended for several more months and possibly the end of the year, Ron licked his lips as he was about to make the announcement of his move. Then Ron heard the buzz of his cell phone that indicated he had just gotten a text message.

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His father would be renting a car and making it to the graduation, then meeting up with him for lunch the next day, which had just taken place. From the day of the auto accident when she had been admitted into the hospital and the doctor's announcement of the need for the baby to have a blood transfusion while still in her womb, the moment that Ron had stepped up to be the blood donor in helping to save the baby as well as to eliminate the possible paternity discovery, her feelings towards her stepson began to change. Not wanting to have this dream come to an end, Ron tried to slow things down It feels so good Planning on making a couple of the upcoming graduation parties with his buddies, Ron advised his father that he'd email him with a date that would be just over two weeks from then.

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With his cock now so little, all shriveled and wrinkled, Ron did not realize that it was a ring of lipstick residue around his penis. Gwen did a fabulous job in setting it up for you! With the baby now apparently contented, Ron looked up as Gwen exited the baby's room, was then advised that "He finally went down! With there being a bye week in the schedule at the end of September, the coaches announcing ahead of time that they'd be given the weekend off, Ron was hesitant at the invite from his father to spend the weekend at the house. Setting it back up upon his desk, Ron gazed at the beauty he was in love with With his father about to arrive in a few minutes, knowing he'd be upset finding out that Ron was involved and in love with a woman older than him, and thus took her picture off the top of his desk and put it under some papers in a desk drawer.

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Ron's mind was just a jumbled mess at this point, wondering as to whether her feelings towards him would allow him to be close to her, to touch and hold her close to him. In opening up the attachment, Ron found that it was a picture of his son in the arms of his beautiful mother! Her hand came out of the opening, pulling along the growing manhood to give it some breathing room, then she began shucking at it a bit faster. Making her way down the hallway that was in complete darkness, she then stopped at the closed bedroom door of her stepson's, put her hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. Pulling her butt to the edge of the armchair, he then bent his knees to get into position to give it to her.

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Is he thinking of me right now? Between the auto accident and now, with all that bed rest time in between, it seemed as if all her thoughts were on her stepson after getting the touching letter he had emailed to her.

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