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There was no point running away now. He mauled me all over, touching my breasts and my head and my mouth. It was so stupid of me to go with them the way I did. This is the argument that operates in courts up and down the land. I felt him hard, but there was a problem, I don't know what it was, he couldn't get it in me.

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Edit comment  or Submit Comment. So my friends went home. I masturbated till I came, visualing what had just happened to me. It's still rape when a girl just can't say no Last updated at How sick is that? She slid across the seat as if she was going to get out of the car, opened the door, held my shoulders, holding them down so that I was on the flat of my back.

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I am not advocating the behaviour of clearly "out of it" girls who run up and down my street shrieking: But as marriage declines, has anyone noticed that weddings are getting more preposterously lavish than ever? How sick is that?

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Girls need to look after themselves, yes, but the ones who don't and the ones who can't also need to be looked after by a system that assumes that a good night out does not end in assault. He then rubbed it all over my face, wiping his hands dry in my hair. The other end he opened the door and he put his hands on my knees.

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Drunk Girl Can T Say No

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There have just been so many times. I'm being too over-dramatic now. They drank spirits, I think, scotch and stuff. It was just stupid.

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