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If you're pressed for time and just looking for a quick fix, then check out 4 Climbers Who Gave Altitude the Middle Finger. The oil well's employees come running in an attempt to stop the destruction -- apparently, Depression-era workers were not fond of seeing their livelihood destroyed.

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In this issue, Superman overhears a coach and some thugs talking about rigging a football game, and decides that the easiest way to thwart this plan is to impersonate a player on the other team, Tommy Burke. After following them to their hideout, Superman decides that he kind of hates Burke anyway and just fucking leaves him there with the murderous thugs, since they obviously "mean him no physical harm. But Superman knows that he's only been addressing the symptoms, not the cause, so he goes to the source of all this evil: But there are certain things that it's impossible to imagine Of Pantyhose Fuckers ever doing, like, say, shooting somebody with a flamethrower or stabbing someone with a switchblade. Instead, he kidnaps the corrupt owners while they sleep, takes them to the oil well in their pajamas Every other panel of this scene was NC Coach Dick Tracy is impressed and puts him back on the team.

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Anyway, Superman attends the football practice as Burke, but a locker room misunderstanding leads to him being pummeled by another guy. Superman does look out for them, though, telling them to run for safety Join now and wield the awesome power of the thumb. The horrified citizens call the National Guard, but obviously they're no match for Superman's insanity -- the military sends aerial bombers in a desperate effort to stop the destruction, but Superman uses their bombs to help him in his task. In the end, Supes saved the day and returned the man to his rightful life Superman hauls the mayor to the morgue and forces him to look at all the victims of reckless driving, blaming his policies for all those deaths. Recent Videos See More.

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It had been a few days since Superman had caused any property damage, and his hands were getting itchy. The coach then kicks "Burke" off of the team for being a dangerous maniac. But what can he do about that? In this story also from , Superman as Clark Kent gets called to a hotel room where an escaped prisoner tells him about the horrifying living conditions at the local chain gang. Now, "fuck reckless drivers" is a noble sentiment and one we can agree with, but soon it becomes obvious that Superman's personal vendetta isn't with the people who drive but with the actual vehicles.

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