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Mario Ruiz: HP Portfolio
My professional portfolio.
This is a portfolio of my professional work at Hewlett-Packard in the HP Design team as the User Interface Design Lead from April 2004-March 2008. My experience in the HP Design team was divided into three major horizons, each core to one another. All of this work was done in deep collaboration with the HP business units to foster uptake and implementation.

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Horizon I: Looks like HP
Skills and Expertise
Tags: brand design, design planning, visual design, graphic design, interaction design, leadership, teamwork

Visual Design
My early work focused on developing and implementing HP's first common UI visual design system across its broad technology portfolio, including PC software, embedded UI and large screen displays.
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Interaction Design
I worked to established the first common interaction models across software and hardware for HP. This helped reduce development time by leveraging common assets and increased collaboration across product lines.
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Design Planning and Strategy
I led a systematic and structured Design Planning approach to help define and develop an actionable cross-company mobility strategy for HP. This collaboration produced and prioritized nine key opportunity areas relevant to HP and its customers.
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Horizon I: Looks like HP
Events and Publications
Tags: mobility, gaming, publication, visual design, graphic design, interaction design
In addition to my role as UI Design Lead, I worked on producing a bi-monthly publication highlighting design successes at HP. This was produced in collaboration with a team of designers. My role was to act as chief editor of the content and concept development.

For the Connecting '07 Design Conference held in San Francisco, my role was chief producer of an urban, mission-based, multi-media game for the attendees of the conference. Leveraging a new HP mobility technology, the game coordinated almost 300 people roaming the streets of San Francisco via GPS and texts on mobile phones.

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