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Mario Ruiz: HP Portfolio: Defenders of Design
HP's Defenders of Design
HP produced an urban, mission-based, technology-embracing multi-media game for the ICSID/IDSA Connecting '07 Conference. We partnered with The Go Game, a fun team of creatives, and leveraged a new HP mobility technology to create a series of location-based missions through the streets of San Francisco. The game ended in 3 different after-parties hosted by design firms and we gave out awards to the most creative solutions to the missions.
» Download quick recap of game (.pdf, 1.0 MB)

We used this video to help promote the game and get the word out to the conference attendees before they arrived in San Francisco. Sam Lucente, VP, HP Design and Bill Moggridge, Conference Chairman (IDEO), were gracious enough to lend us their acting talents as a preview to the game.