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Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health Back to top Signs and symptoms of chlamydia in women Chlamydia infects the cervix the passageway connecting the vagina and uterus. Most doctors treat for both at the same time. But that may reflect more testing of women.

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Your sex partner should be tested and treated, too. Symptoms, if they surface, usually appear one to three weeks after a man is exposed to the infection. Is it possible that I may have gotten it again by just placing the toy on top of my clitoris? Do I still have chlamedya?

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It can lead to fertility problems and chronic pelvic pain. How soon do STI symptoms appear? Chlamydia is a wet virus meaning that it doesn't survive in the air. The only way to confirm a chlamydia diagnosis is to get tested. There is an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis in women who have sex with women who have a history of sharing sex toys, or whose partners have bacterial vaginosis. Your sex partner should be tested and treated, too.

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Can sex toys reinfect Chlamydia?

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Is Herpes In men only on the penis? Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Women are frequently re-infected if their sex partners are not treated. Penile discharge Burning pain during urination Frequent urge to urinate Pain in one or both testicles Rectal pain, discharge, or bleeding Eye redness, pain, swelling, irritation, or discharge Back to top What causes chlamydia? When symptoms do occur, common signs include a burning pain with urination, pain with intercourse, or an abnormal, smelly vaginal discharge.

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Store toys in a dry cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Common health questions Are sex toys safe? Chlamydia can infect the urethra, the tube that connects the bladder to the penis and allows urine to pass.

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