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Histology Oral Cavity

Odontoblasts and dentinal tubules can be seen very well in slide , which is of a tooth that is just about to erupt --ameloblasts can also be seen although the enamel is lacking since this section was also decalcified during processing. In nonkeratinised epithelium, the two deep layers basale and spinosum remain the same but the outer layers are termed the intermediate and superficial layers. As the bone grows backwards, two small secondary cartilages develop, which eventually form the condyle and coronoid processes.

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Dentine is laid down, and then calcified. Mucous glands in the adjacent mucosa of the stomach are called cardiac glandsand this name is also used for submucosal mucosal glands in the the part of the oesophagus closest to the stomach. Oesophageal glands are located in the submucosa. It can be broken down into two phases; the per-functional eruptive phase and the functional eruptive phase Figure 1.

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At 8 weeks of intrauterine life, clumps of mesenchymal cells induce the dental lamina to form swellings known as enamel organs. Dentine is made by odontoblasts , that lie on its inner border. In histological sections they appear as ovoid lightly stained bodies, which extend perpendicular from the basement membrane to a little opening formed in the epithelium, the taste pore. Other Eagle syndrome Hemifacial hypertrophy Facial hemiatrophy Oral manifestations of systemic disease. The centre of tooth is made up of a pulp cavity that extends down through the roots as a root canal.

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Oral mucosa

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Histology Exam 2: Oral Cavity And Salivary Glands: Asian Massage

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This page was last edited on 1 April , at The oesophagus is the first part of the alimentary canal. It underlies the enamel in the crown area and is covered by the cementum in the root area. In histological sections they appear as ovoid lightly stained bodies, which extend perpendicular from the basement membrane to a little opening formed in the epithelium, the taste pore. Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2e.

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Histology Oral Cavity

Histology Oral Cavity: Sex-Interview

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