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Skull tattoos have come out a long way from their conventional meanings and have been beautifully integrated with modern fashion tastes. This tattoo is a reminder of my past, somewhere I never want to go again! Get ine for yourself, especially on your hand! Even the darkness of the night cannot hide the variety of the undergrowth and bright orange mushrooms.

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Even though it was a grim diagnosis, we promised each other we would get the tree of life tattoo when she went into remission. Shades and blurring effects are used superbly in this piece of art to bring out a tattoo of royal stature. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles Bad Ass Tatoo   Zodiac Tattoos  Cancer Tattoos  Texas Tattoos   and   Graffiti Tattoos. Conventional designs and random features can be integrated beautifully to bring out nice reflections. You should get this tattoo if you love baking cakes, cookies and all the yummy goodies!

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A limousine and diner shown in this badass tattoo means the girl in this picture loves to get about. The tinge of blue on the wings adds luster to the simple design making it a classic piece. It is a symbol of strength with the words 'Just do it. This badass tattoo is definitely bad in the theme but has an unusual form of artistic expression. That is THE Batman. Does it mean hopelessness? This particular one looks like one skilled tattoo design.

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This tattoo uses a single color to bring out a nice picture depicting an animal breaking apart from bondage and running towards a free life. Do you have a pet dog with whom you are madly in love with? As badass tattoos go, this takes top marks.

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Bad Ass Tatoo

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