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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The anteater in that video is a southern tamandua.

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I have no problem with the distinction myself, I do often have a problem with describing the deference between the implications to most people is all. It seemingly narrows down the potential 'attack zone' for the opposing anteater. And no "what about the black mamba with its venom" or some bullshit. Large fish are obviously culled by fishing at a much larger rate than small fish, so the smaller the fish, the more likely it is to reproduce multiple times because it is less likely it is to be predated upon by one of it's main predators, humans, and thus is more likely to reproduce at a greater rate.

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A creature that is able to, say psychicly explode the head of a predator, but does so at a huge expense of energy, is less fit than a creature that cheaply makes itself not worth bothering, and then spends the rest of its energy producing offspring. Sorry for any ensuing disappointment. Ask a science question. Here 's video of a giant anteater fending off a jaguar. To get the jist of this, raise one of your arms into a similar position and swing downward several times, applying an equal amount of force with each blow and meeting each blow with your other hand at different places within your swing's trajectory.

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Can you cite a source in which it says ANY kind of anteater has killed a cougar, as the wikipedia article alleged? An adult anteater is capable of fending off or even killing its main predators, such as the cougar. I don't think that it's a conscious decision by the female elephants, more one driven by the lack of large tusked males. Looking at things like wolverines vs.

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Fuck You Im An Anteater

Fuck You Im An Anteater: Tease and Denial

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Potentially Not Safe for Science. Of course size matters, idiot. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. And you still didn't even read the page before chiming in. Sign up to be a panelist!

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Damn, she's a champ!
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Yeah, in all honesty it was bad to the point of turning me off.
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Can someone tell me how to post videos and pictures from my phone? I have some from an ex i want to post. She's my profile pic now

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